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  • Kosta Boda Art Gallery
    Kosta Boda Art Gallery Welcome to our exibition, which includes many of the world’s leading glass artists Never before has so much art glass been available in one place Let yourself be moved by the various artists’ individual expressions and techniques in relation to glass
  • Kosta Boda Art Gallery
    Kosta Boda Art Gallery Välkommen till vår utställning med flera av världens främsta glaskonstnärer Aldrig tidigare har så mycket glaskonst varit tillgänglig på ett och samma ställe Låt dig förföras av de olika konstnärernas skilda uttryck och sätt att förhålla sig till glaset
  • Kosta Boda Art Gallery - Kosta Boda
    The Kosta Boda Art Gallery is located in Kosta, the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal and just shouting distance from the glass kilns at the Kosta Glassworks The gallery represents our contemporary art glass with new exhibitions from our famous designers The Kosta Boda Art Gallery was designed by modernist architect Bruno Mathsson in the early
  • Kosta Boda
    Kosta Boda är ett av världens främsta varumärken inom glas och glaskonst Teknik och känsla har förfinats i hjärtat av Smålands skogar ända sedan 1742
  • Kosta Boda Art Gallery - Glass art gallery in Kosta . . .
    Kosta Boda Art Gallery Glass art gallery in Kosta Kosta Boda Art Gallery is the art hall of the famous glassworks Kosta Glasbruk It is located on the same site near the small town Kosta in Småland and presents glass art on a world-class level
  • Penguins And Egg, Penguins, Ludvig Löfgren, Kosta Boda . . .
    Kosta Boda Kosta Boda is synonymous with innovative design that has a lot of personality The art glass designers create both beautiful utility items and art glass that are exhibited and sold across the world Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda is the oldest Swedish glassworks, and still produces high quality glass that stands the test of time
  • Attractions - Kosta Boda Art Hotel Sweden
    Kosta Boda Art Gallery The Art Gallery where designers exhibit their work is located next to the glassworks Here you can also shop for unique products www kostaboda-artgallery se The Glass Factory During the 60s and 70s, there was a hive of activity and creativity in Boda It was here that Boda Smide, Boda Trä and Boda Nova started up
    KOSTA BODA ART GALLERY its all about glass art! also they have a Glass factory inside! On our way home i took a short video of the RAPESEED PLANTATION cause its so beautiful It is a vegetable

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